Thai Hosting . was founded in 1998 by people who are only sixteen and seventeen in that times. 
Both of them still only the high-school students. One of them  is " Thada Olaric " he attened at Saint Dominic School in the year he founded Thai Hositng. Thada has over five years of experience in UNIX and NT , Thada also oversees back-end infrastructure, server technology, and the completion of Thai Hosting new United states network data center  as well as Thada is the owner of and the other co-founded is " Kasem Thienthongdee " Kasem attended at Trium Udom Kasem is also the owner of Kasem  is responsible for all of Thai Hosting  marketing, advertising and administrative departments. He also  plays impontant role in Thai Hosting marketing plans.

Thai Hosting  are the first Web hosting company that targets small to medium-sized businesses with reasonable prices also a complete site management and e-commerce solution. We have created software and e-commerce applications such as Thai Hosting Web Control Panel to offer our end users with their hosting packages a way to make their websites function smoothly.

Our Web hosting services are characterized by fast connectivity, security, reliability, and scalability. We have allocated major resources to ensure that we maintain leadership in customer service and support, software development, and a state-of-the-art network facility.
A portion of these resources came in January of 1999, when we received venture capital funding from his parents to keep going the business with full functionally of the services , extremely of the technical support team as well as the fund for improved our Thai Hosting web server.

Our Mission Statements.

Thai Hosting is set out to do the things our customers need. Which is to provide the most reliable service, coupled with the most sophisticated and modern equipment available. We envision a world with ease of access and with hassle free service. 

We have three guiding principles:

Keep It Simple!
Theres no reason why individuals who wish to be involved in the Internet, need to have sophisticated technical knowledge and the ability to write and understand HTML protocol.

Provide the best technology available!
Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If its current, we have it; if its new, well be one of the first to get it!

Make it affordable!
Thai Hosting Prices  are almost always one third to one half the cost of comparable services. This supports our mission of creating greater access to a greater number of people.

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